How to play Electronic music live

Thus article compiles several resources on how to perform electronic music live

Tips on how to bring electronic music live on stage
1. PLAY WITH SOUND eg changing envelopes or the equalizer live.
2. Arrange live
3. Use Controllers eg to change all parameters like volume, effects, equalizer, oscillators
4. Use MIDI instruments like drum kits, wind
5. Add acoustic instruments

Definition of Live Set by pheek
"To me, a live set of electronic or computer-based music:
  • implies playing your own music.
  • is not playing songs as is. Nothing pre-recorded unless live tweaking is involved.
  • involves some improvisation; experiments and an element of risk taking.
  • means that there are some possible interactions with the audience; therefore the timeline of songs played shouldn’t be planned in advance (like they often are in a DJ set).
  • should be unique every time you play it. But I understand this is difficult and/or not important to everyone."