With over 20 years in the Singapore electronic music scene, and 15 years of experience in Ableton Live (global standard Digital Audio Workstation software for live electronic music performance), Ben Ang now conducts Basic and Advanced courses in Electronic Music Production and Performance classes on Ableton Live, Ableton Push, and Max for Live, at POP Studio DJ.
Ben is one of only 200+ official Ableton Certified Trainers worldwide, and over the years has taught hundreds of students at workshops, seminars, and courses at School of Music Arts (SOMA) and the National University of Singapore Electronic Music Lab (NUS EML).
As Principal Tutor of NUS EML, a performance group which is part of the Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore, Ben provides artistic leadership and direction, and coaches the group in composition, sound design, music production, and live performance.
Ben is also half of Singapore-based electropop/synthpop duo COSMIC ARMCHAIR, signed to international electronic music label Alfa-Matrix, part of a world-renowned roster including analogue techno icon Adam X and British industrial legends Nitzer Ebb. COSMIC ARMCHAIR have released four EPs and one full length album so far, as well as numerous club and dance remixes for European artists.
A new release by Cosmic Armchair: See You (cover of the Depeche Mode classic, released on the Alfa Matrix Re:Covered Vol. 3 tribute compilation)

His solo project Abyss Simian creates and performs live improvised ambient techno breaks, last seen live at Get Juiced in Singapore. A new release by Abyss Simian below:

Ben loves sharing his knowledge of electronic music production as you can see in this clip from the recent workshop at City Music.

BEN ANG 是一名电子音乐制作人、混音师、讲师,Music Producer ,Ableton Certified Trainer.

BEN从 2004 年开始用 Ableton live 拓展现场演出和创作音乐,他将 Ableton Live 的精髓发挥到极致,现在 Juny 已经是 Ableton 的专家了 (Ableton Certified Trainer)。

他并运用到自己的音乐创作中,特别是对于他的乐队 COSMIC ARMCHAIR。他们与Belgium 音乐厂牌 ALFA MATRIX 签有合同,发行了四张EP 和。

BEN 可以为不同水平的Ableton 用户提供中英文的课程。在教学中他不断更新自己的教学方式和理念,使得他的学生进步速度非常快。

BEN 提供的课程包括:

  • Ableton Live 基础课程和高级课
  • 音乐制作基础和高级课程
  • 现场表演的指导