Advanced Electronic Music Production Course

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Who this class is for

This course is ideal for students who have completed the BASIC MUSIC PRODUCTION COURSE, or music producers / musicians who already have experience producing music and want to bring their production skills (and their tracks) to the next level. 

How this class is conducted

  • If you are in Singapore, come to our studio at Room 0416 home of Pop Studio Academy
  • If you are not in Singapore, you can learn by video call in the comfort of your own home.
  • Your instructor will guide you through the software on your own computer - so you will be hands on creating your own music

What you will learn (12 hours total)

Module 1: Workflow and shortcuts
Module 2: Creativity with MIDI Effects
Module 3: Ableton Live Packs and resources
Module 4: Max for Live 
Module 5: Music theory for pop, electronic, and electronic dance music: Chords and Scales
Module 6: Music theory software tools: Chords and Scales in Ableton Live
Module 7: Sound design for pop, electronic, and electronic dance music
Module 8: Transitions, contrast, dynamics, builds, and drops 
Module 9: Vocal and sample processing, auto-tuning, and harmonies
Module 10: Vocal chops and loop slicing
Module 11: Protecting your track - basics of music business, copyright, streaming, and business law
Module 12: Mixing and Mastering for Demos

Optional Topics

  • Using Ableton Push for production and performance
  • Playing MIDI controllers and launchpads
  • Remixing
  • Vocal chops
  • Audio recording

Course Fee : $1120
Duration : 2 hours per class
Total Hours : 12 per course
Classes : by Appointment

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